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Happy Friday the 13th!

We may not fully believe in the unluckiness of Friday the 13th, but we’re playing it a little safe today just in case. We’re not superstitious, but we may be a little-stitious.


To celebrate today, we put together a list of some of the most interesting animal superstitions  we could find. Ones that bring bad luck and good luck!  Let us know what you think and share any more animal (or non-animal) superstitions you know of in the comments below! 

    1. Black Cats 

      Cat Attitude

      I’m sure you’ve heard the superstitions about a black cat crossing your path. But in many other countries and cultures black cats are often associated with good luck instead! 

      In the U.K. encountering a black cat on your wedding day will bring good luck to your marriage. In Japan, black cats are thought to bring you good luck, wealth, and prosperity. Meanwhile, sailors once believed that having a black cat on their ship would bring them good luck and safe travels! 

      So next time you see a black cat cross your path, maybe it’s bringing good luck your way! 

        2. Bird Flying into Your Home 


          There are some superstitions that believe that if a bird flies into your home it brings news of death. But others believe it simply means a sign of change or an important message is coming your way! 

            3. A Dog Following You Home 

              Dog Running

              In Scotland, if a strange dog follows you home you will have good luck! It’s extra lucky if it’s a black dog! I think anytime you come across an adorable pup is a good day! 🐶😍

                4. Dogs Can See Ghosts 


                  A lot of people believe that dogs have the ability to see ghosts. Anytime your dog is staring or growling at something that you can’t see, people believe that it’s actually looking at a ghost. Yikes! 😱

                    5. Bird Pooping on You 

                      Bird Pooping

                      Having a bird poop on you sounds like it would ruin your day. But surprisingly, in many cultures if a bird poops on you it means good luck! Since it’s extremely rare to be the target of bird droppings it’s believed that you are special and should expect good luck!  

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