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@pupsewofficial The perfcet recipe to go with our pizza bandanas 🍕💖 #valentinesrecipes #dogpizza #dogrecipe #dogbandanas #dogvalentine #petaccessories ♬ Speed Trap - Jessie Shapiro & Rob Shore

 Hey Pawrents! Cook up something extra special for your dog this Valentine's day with this easy-to-make 4 ingredient dog-friendly pizza recipe. (Don't forget your "Pizza My Heart" bandana for the special occasion)



Trader Joe's Gluten Free Pizza Crust*
Mozzarella Cheese
Plain Tomato Sauce**
Your Dog's Favorite Toppings (We used dog-safe prepackaged raw turkey and freeze-dried chicken liver treats)

The Pup Sew team recommends this extra yummy recipe as a treat only for a special occasion and not for daily consumption. Serving size should be considered based on your dog's size. Coco who is 45 lbs ate 1 small heart slice about the size of my palm. Mocha who is 12 lbs ate a quarter of the heart slice.

You know your dog best! Though safe to give dogs, some dogs may have more sensitivity to dairy or tomatoes so exclude or swap these out for other ingredients. Consult with your veterinarian if you are not sure.

*You can swap this for your own homemade pizza crust or any store bought crust but be sure to check the ingredient list thoroughly that they are safe for your pet.
**Use only plain tomato sauce with little to no salt content.

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