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Spring is here! It’s time to get outdoors and enjoy the nice sunny weather! But of course everything is more fun when you bring your pup with you. So here are five of our favorite dog-friendly spring activities! 

1. Go for Hike 

Go for a hike

Now that the weather is getting warmer, it’s the perfect time to hit the trails with your pup. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes and bring plenty of water for both you and your dog! Check out some of the best dog friendly hiking trails across the US here.

2. Visit a Dog Park 

Dog at dog park

Allow your dog to enjoy the nice weather by being allowed to run at an off-leash dog park! Go together with your friends and their pups or meet new friends together at the dog park!

3. Enjoy Lunch at a Dog Friendly Cafe 

Pup at cafe

Find a dog-friendly cafe near you and enjoy lunch with your pup! Some dog-friendly restaurants even have menus for your pups. While others may have patios where you and your dog can enjoy a meal and the nice spring weather together.

4. Attend an Outdoor Event 

Outdoor Table and Chairs

A lot of festivals, markets, and other outdoor events allow dogs! It’s the perfect way to spend a free day and it’s even better if you can bring your dog with you so they can enjoy the event too! Always double-check that the event is dog-friendly.

5. Have a Picnic 

Dog at a picnic

Make both of your favorite meals and pack them in a basket for a perfect spring picnic! Go for a walk, play fetch, and relax on a picnic blanket too. You both deserve to enjoy some nice warm weather and have a picnic!

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